Acceleration Signs Mini Billboard

Take your advertising to the next level! We now offer the next generation of portable signs. Mini Billboards - full colour high resolution graphics in a smaller package.


Traditional billboards are expensive, difficult to change and stationary. Acceleration Signs' Mini Billboards are economical, easy to change and portable. This gives you the flexibility to change the sign message or relocate the sign to a different area of town.


We have a variety of options available to suit your specific needs:

Unique Images - We can mirror your image on both sides or have two unique images
Sign Changes - You have the option to change one or both sides of your sign
Promo Stickers - Place removable promo stickers on your sign to promote an upcoming sale or special event
Mix & Match - Want the best of both worlds? Put a mini billboard on one side and changeable copy on the other
Reuse - At your request, we can save your image for reuse during a future advertising campaign

Cost Effective

Portable signs are more cost effective than newspaper, radio or television advertising, and are seen by all vehicle and pedestrian traffic passing by your business.

Full Colour Graphics

Go big, bright and bold with full colour graphics. Use pictures of your products, your employees, and your customers. Personalize your sign and your message to stand out from the crowd.

Acceleration Signs Mini Billboard
Acceleration Signs Mini Billboard
Acceleration Signs Mini Billboard
Acceleration Signs Mini Billboard

What to Expect

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Fast Service

Need a last minute sign change? Have an urgent printing project? No problem! We are here to help!
Acceleration Signs

Easy Ordering

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Acceleration Signs

Customer Service

Great customer service is our #1 priority!


Need a temporary sign? Accelerate Signs got me one within 1/2 hour!
Devon Wigglesworth Patch Java Coffee House
Thanks so much for doing our sign so quickly! We love it!
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